St. Philip’s Beach and Marina (Broad Cove)

St. Philip’s Beach/Broad Cove is located to the right of the wharf and is covered in medium-sized rocks typical of Newfoundland beaches. This beach attracts a lot of visitors in mid-summer when the capelin roll in on the beach.

Some people do swim at the beach, but it is usually only done by the hardy, as the Atlantic Ocean makes for a cold tub! The Cove is used for many recreational uses. Recently, it has been used as a training area for scuba diving. The wharf is also a regular headquarter for sea kayaking, sail boating, and personal watercrafts.

The St. Philip’s Beach and Marina is used to be a fishery marina. Today it is used mostly for leisure watercraft, diving, diver training, etc. It has always been a popular spot during tourism and capelin season. It is a beach with calm water, rocky shore and perfect for a beach stroll anytime. Every year the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s hosts its annual Regatta which has been occurring since the 1870’s with the exception of times of war. The Broad Cove River meets at the marina in a calm reservoir where boats are launched. Long before the Town amalgamated St. Philip’s used to be called Broad Cove hence the name for the Broad Cove River.