Conservation Areas

Select areas are protected by the Town of Portugal Cove- St. Philip’s through a Stewardship Agreement that was signed on June 19th, 2015. This agreement not only recognizes this area as a significant area to protect and conserve the wetland and habitats, but also only allows certain activities to take place in an effort to not disturb the area. As part of the agreement the Town plans to work towards a Habitat Conservation Plan.

Blast Hole Ponds
The Blast Hole Ponds area is a large area of land that is beautiful for hiking and spending time outdoors. There is a hiking trail where you can overlook Conception Bay and a series of waterfalls from the Blast Hole Ponds River into the ocean.

Local lore suggests the name Blast Hole Ponds came from Bell Island Iron Ore miners who thought the ponds looked like holes caused by blasting.

It is very important to the Town that people enjoy this outdoor space as well as help us to protect it and care for it. We encourage residents and visitors to use the “leave no trace” philosophy when using our natural spaces. Please do not leave garbage or gear and dumping is prohibited in the area.