East Coast Trail – Long Shore Path

Long Shore Path is the newest part of the East Coast Trail in PCSP. It is a long trail spanning over 17 kms from Portugal Cove to Topsail with multiple access points in the Town. This is a moderate to difficult trail and takes between 6-8 hours. Further details and maps can be found on the East Coast Trail website.

There are areas where you will need to use rope assists and use caution along the shoreline. Long Shore Path can be accessed in St. Philip’s on Thorpes Road, Beachy Cove/Long Marsh Road behind the Holy Rosary Church, or in Portugal Cove behind the Post Office. You will be taken through other locally known trails such as Goat Cove Trail, Greymans Beard, and Beachy Cove Hill.  Much of the PCSP sections of the trail are located in the Town’s traditional community zone and have significant heritage value. Some of the sections of the trail were traditionally used by miners who would walk to the Bell Island ferry in Portugal Cove to get to the mine. Other areas were once settled communities and used as farm land. Rock walls can still be seen in some areas.